For all electronic applications

High Strength
ER1001 High Thixotropy paste formulation for use on vertical surface where stay in place adhesion is required.
ER1002 Medium Moderate thixotropy suitable for application with stay in place adhesion is required.
ER1003 Low Syrup like consistency suitable for application requiring a thin glue line and self-leveling characteristics.
General Purpose
ER1100 19,000 cps Use to bond steel, ceramic and dissimilar products.
Thermally Conductive
ER1210 60,000 cps Two part, thermally conductive suitable for PCB and power supplies.
Encapsulating Resin
ER2020 Low Resin system designed for the potting and encapsulation of miniaturized electronic components. Moisture resistant.
ER2045 Very Low General purpose epoxy resin system for potting and encapsulation and impregnation. This unique polymer cures to a glossy, bubble-free casting impervious to moisture, chemicals and solvents.
ER2060 Medium Recommended for the encapsulation and potting coils, capacitors, chokes, and other electronic assembly applications.

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